Pichpanchapor SANG

Months ago, I was just a junoir student focusing on obtaining big achivements just to have the ability to survive in the competitive society. Never once have I picture the image of myselfbeing a college student in the United States. As an OC student, I have gamut of interesting courses, which have challenge me to pursue in depth, different topics. However, not many students have this opportunity as this whole progress will not be easy as it seems. Every student that is reading this right now, I just want to say that there is no too big obstacles that is blocking you. No one in this entire world can lower down your self-esteem because all it really takes is hard work and giving your self more value. Our country needs more intelligent human resources, hence all of us as the next generation must study hard and expand our knowledge in order to develope our country’s economy. And finally, BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO SPRINGBOARD4CAMBODIA for assisting me and for making this dream of mine that I never dare to dream about into the result that feels so REAL in such a short amount of time.THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

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